Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I use to clean my house and Why!

 My order arrived from Shaklee yesterday and I am very because I am completely out of fish oil and two because I am also tired of these awful bumps on my hands from using a store bought dish soap. I really can't use many commercial products because either myself or one of my children are sensitive to them. I ordered Basic H, Laundry Brightner because I don't like the smell of bleach, dish soap, fish oil, and cleaning supplies.

I love the Basic H and the spray bottles because they come labeled and tell you how much to use for each purpose. Oh and because they are soooo pretty. I even left them out on my window sill because they make me smile. Mom....notice the ladybug! Love it!

I filled all three bottles per directions and I only used that much of the Basic H! For 3 bottles of cleaner! This stuff is going to last forever. I will have to put it my suitcase to ship it to Hawaii in the winter.

So far, so good. Kady used the window cleaner formula to clean our super dirty back door which is covered in dog slime and she got it clean so fast I had to give her another job to do. 4 year old cleans and does chores and she HATES the smell of vinegar! Reason number three I am glad this shipment came! (My husband will be happy to not come home to a house that smells like vinegar also! I used to try to clean only when he was gone because he dislikes it so much!) It is nice to be able to let her help clean and not have to worry about toxic chemicals going into her little hands.....or feet or arms....where ever it may end up!

Click here to check out the Shaklee website. You can order on that page or contact me and I can help you!

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