Friday, May 4, 2012

Feathering our nest (well cleaning it first!)

I found Pinterest.....I know, I's about time. I found Pinterest and with it a whole long list of projects I want to start. Actually, I want to finish them. I decided to start this blog with some of these projects. This is my attempt at making our home more peaceful and organized, feathering our nest. But I have to do this is a thrifty way. I am also working on being content. In my mind, being content means savoring every moment of each day and seeing the wonder in God's beautiful world around us. That doesn't equal going out and buying lots of cute decorations from the store (even though that would be fun too!) It also doesn't equal adding to the wasteful lifestyle we can all sometimes lead. So I am attempting to feather our nest in an economical and green way!

The first thing I am going to try is organizing and cleaning. You have to start with a clean house right? I found these products online while searching for organizing and cleaning tips. I have tried every homemade and/or natural product you can find and to be honest....none of them work as well as I would like. With a dirty Army man, two dirty kids and a dirty dog most cleaners don't stand a chance. I actually used these products years ago when I started cleaning houses. They worked really well from what I remember so I reactivated my info and I am trying them again. You can view a video here that was on Rachael Ray...

And then you can click here to learn about all the products.

Healthy Home

So I am going to try them and give an honest review on how they work. It seems ideal....organized, green, economical (they last FOREVER!) and effective (from what I remember!) I ordered a few to try out and I will let you know the results asap!

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