Thursday, May 17, 2012

Project: Homeschool Station

When I started homeschooling Kady I had to come up with a way to store our work and supplies. This is my solution. It is kinda pretty as well as kind of organized since it sits right in our kitchen!

The board is adapted from We also use their wipe-off Calendar Notebook ideas. The big pages are Bible verse lessons and a song. The smaller ones are the basic foundations of our week but I don't focus too much on them. Just a guide. She uses the notebook for these things as well as ABC's and counting, month, day, year and shapes and shape drawing.

The cart used to be a basic white cart. I painted it gray-brown and added chalkboards on both sides (mostly to entertain Kynzie while helping Kady!)

Inside we use a workbox system. The bottom shelf has learning toys for Kynzie and the top has Kady's to do boxes. I only use 3 for Kady because most of the stuff I have to keep up high away from little inquisitive hands! The drawer holds supplies that are easy to get for Kady whatever her project is. Everything has a place and she is good at putting things away when she knows where they go! Less clean up for me. My coat closet also holds a hanging shoe organizer that keeps my stuff up high, but that is not very neat yet so that post will have to wait!

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